The innovative individual vacuum-pack system ensures quality and food security while extending the useful life of the Hamburdehesa by up to three times more than any other conventional packaging.


This package provides exceptional results in terms of preservation of its contents. The method is based on leaving only a small amount of oxygen in the container after extracting the air, this inhibiting the growth of aerobic bacteria and oxidation reactions.
This ensures that our packaging system provides clearly superior conservation of the product:

  • It ensures the freshness of the Hamburdehesas for up to three times the time with respect to other conventional containers.
  • It prolongs their useful life.
  • It maintains the nutritional values, the magnificent texture and the outstanding flavour in perfect conditions.
  • It does not alter their nutritional properties or organoleptic qualities.
  • It suppresses most of the harmful bacteria found in the food chain.

Vacuum packaging is also complemented by other preservation methods, since the Hamburdehesas must subsequently be kept refrigerated at between 0º and 4º C.

hamburdehesa labari


The individual containers enable everyone to cook at their own pace and thus prevent food waste. They are especially suitable for people who live alone, as a couple or who are not big eaters. It enables consumers to buy, cook and use what they need, preventing food from spoiling and ending up being thrown out. The individual pack contains one Hamburdehesa that should be cooked immediately once the container is opened.


The packaging system has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years, providing significant improvement in food preservation. The following table compares containers used to package hamburgers from the 80s to the present day. It shows how the vacuum packaging used by Hamburdehesa outclasses all other packaging methods on the market without the shadow of a doubt.

hamburdehesa labari


Follow these simple steps to open and consume a delicious Hamburdehesa:

  1. Remove the cardboard envelope.
  2. Separate the two Hamburdehesas.
  3. Remove the cover.
  4. Press the sides to separate the Hamburdehesa from its container and place it directly on the griddle or pan.
  5. Now you only need to cook it to your taste and enjoy it

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