IFS Food certifies Hamburdehesa’s food security and quality

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From the dehesa to the consumer’s table. We take maximum care of the quality of our meats. We search for the best herds, select the cuts and prepare the meat with excellent ingredients - paying special attention to avoiding allergens - and vacuum pack each piece individually. Our production line is designed to produce spectacular burger meat, endorsed and approved by international quality certificates such as IFS Food, which we bear with pride and fills us with satisfaction.

What is the IFS Food Certificate and what is it for?

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IFS Food is a food safety standard recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies that manufacture food or those that package bulk food products. It focuses on the food security and quality of processed products.
Since it contains many provisions related to compliance with specifications, obtaining the IFS Food certification is an essential requirement for all food manufacturers. For example, it is the most obvious proof that we comply with the food security-related legislation. It also standardises control of all stages of production, minimising the contamination hazard and ensuring the safety of the food produced and/or packaged.
For us it provides a clear competitive advantage and enables us to access new markets. For consumers, the IFS Food certificate guarantees the quality, food security and reliability of our hamburgers meats.

IFS FoodD Hamburdehesa
Certificado IFS Food de Hamburdehesa

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